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Big start of the year, a new shop mural done by our very own The space is already featuring works by new artist Andriana Carney @andriana_carney  Unique hand made one-off jackets from Dead Kings Society @deadkingssociety  and heaps more.

Drop by the space and lets talk more things to do.

We’ve been non stop setting up exhibitions, launches, commissioning artists and creating big things at the shop. We also curate a monthly Mini Market and are always on the lookout for products that share our style.

We love hosting events – workshops, art exhibits, music events, and product launches. If you are looking for a unique space that is more than just a venue, then we would love to hear from you.

What’ a great Monday, take the rest of the day off and swing by Broadsheet Sydney to have a read at Yvonne C Lam’s article on our space Mini Mart, highlights from Jana of Microcosm, Vincent Buret, To Barwyn and Back, Jamie Espinosa and many more.  

INSACIOUS, is a different kind of launchpad that helps people boost their talents so we can then use our street shopfront in Petersham to display, sell and connect each other.
We basically help incubate ideas, getting the works out to the world.

Director Pablo Colombi has over 15 years experience as a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with skills in brand identities, print, web and all things PR. Graduated from COFA, Sydney Graphics College, Universidad de Buenos Aires, and other titles here & there….. Always undertaking one-on-one challenges as the project manager, graphic designer, art director or curator – searching for driven people. Our shopfront is based at 328 Stanmore rd. Petersham, where everyone is welcome to drop during opening hours.

“I’ve noticed that free coaching and honest project management out in the industry were hard to come by, so I decided to do something about it.
Our shopfront hosts an art gallery, plants, apparel, ceramics, music, gifts – all sourced by creatives both local and overseas, offered in an airy, gallery-like space.”

Creators: Think your art, furniture, apparel, performance is a good fit for our shop?  – Fill this out.

I took it upon myself and started offering free coaching to anyone who steps into our shopfront in Petersham, connecting people with industry savvy wizards.
Our shopfront allows to meet face to face and break the ice, storm ideas and plan projects so we can execute these ideas in-house.

here’s a bit of curious knowledge –  ‘as defined by the Urban Dictionary’ (here)

INSACIOUS borrows from the word ‘insatiable’ meaning ‘you can’t have enough of whatever this is.’ so you know… get to it.

‘Let’s hit INSACIOUS, I need more of what I just saw.’
source: urban dictionary

Get in touch if you want to come by and have a chat!  Fill this out.

Send some words directly to Pablo via email.