Yes, we paper publish a quarterly magazine that’s an amplification of everything that is prodigious, capturing an array of the most original, uncensored voices, and some of the tastiest visuals to feast on.

What type of submissions do we look for?

We accept submissions of all kinds – interviews, columnists, writers, culture, art, poems, comics, food, design and photography. With this magazine, you have a chance to tell a story in your own voice and to your audience. These can be short stories, fiction, non-fiction, personal essays, profiles, shoots, illustration you name it. We are a global magazine. We don’t have a specific to any issue. All submissions for print are also taken into account for the web.

What rules are there in submitting?

Submissions depending on whether these are opinion pieces, interviews or reviews usually range from 400 to 1,600 words, but we are pretty open so give it a shot.
Once advertising revenue builds up and production costs are met, certain contributors will be handsomely rewarded.

Want to help further? Internships?

If you’re interested in helping out and learn a thing or two, please email us.

How do you make it to the cover?

Our cover is chosen organically depending on how the pieces come in so basically any piece has the potential to be a cover. You could be next.

Do you guys have somewhere I could visit/meet/chat?
Yes, we do, we are moving to our new place in June. More to come.

Magazine Submissions:
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