Real Good Fun


– What projects were you working on at the time?
The work I created that was shown for “Real Good Fun” was a collection of all the paintings, photographs and sculptures and animations I had made over the previous 9 months in Sydney, installed at the space in a full fledged pink and blue artistic soul splatter. I made all this work on my own time and dime outside my jobs as a professional sign writer and exceptionally drunk stripper.

– And where does INSACIOUS come in?
Insacious was made known to me by a good friend Presley Joy Paget who had met the owner Pablo and his friend after they had purchased one of her prints at a different exhibition. Pablo allowed and trusted me to just “do my thing” in his space and I did. Originally Presley and i were going to do the show together but she wasn’t feeling ready so I took the opportunity and made a nice big mess of glitter and paint on the walls and on the floor and he encouraged it.

– What expectations did you have for your solo show?
Wellllll, Something I have yet to learn is that expectations, especially high ones, really can really ruin your experience of something.. This work came directly from the “hole in my soul” – from a place of real genuine low self worth so it’s no wonder that all the paintings, drawings and photos held equally minimal monetary value. In a sense I may have not made any money, but I sold free powerful visual stimulus to the eyes of my viewers and gave them an experience and a colourful memory rather than an object to go home with. I was SO surprised at the amount of folks who came through though and stuck around… it was beautiful and truly filled me with warmth.

– Whats next for Emily Meehan out there?
Hard to say right now – I like to keep my projects to myself and my collaborators until things are released. I love surprising people… especially with big neon sparkly bang/boom/POPs.

Special thanks to Absolut Vodka.

Creatives Involved
Emily Meehan
Luke Latty
Solo Exhibition
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